Book reviews

Thinking of … Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model? Ask the Smart Questions!

We are grateful to Clare Barclay Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK for her review:

“Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model is a must read for leaders looking to understand how the rules of the game have changed, and importantly how to unlock the value that comes with the right model, great technologies and engaged people.

I love the fact it’s practical and serves as a useful guide for those driving change and innovation in their business.”

Clare Barclay

We are grateful to Dr Richard Sykes Chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum for his review:

In the early 1990’s I was asked to build on two decades of international business management experience to take on a global IT leadership role – my brief was to draw on my business insight to transform the work of a very techie inheritance. Twenty five years on, well into the era of ‘the Cloud’, this challenge still remains, alas, across much of our industry.

The title ‘Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model’ suggests a technical agenda, but in reality the four authors draw on their wide experience to provide the means for business (CXO) leadership (who should read this book) to bring themselves into effective partnership with their IT (CIO) colleagues at a crucial time – and vice versa! This blending is genuinely vital now that so many powerful new technology- and Cloud-rooted capabilities, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), are transforming how business can and will be done. The chapter on Agile in particular is an excellent read!”

Dr Richard Sykes